Important RebirthPvP Rules

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    RebirthPvP Rules
    • Do not spam the chat of the forums and/or the server.
    • Do not advertise, Advertising is posting a link to a website or a server.
    • Do not disrespect, this includes staff and players.
    • Do not post any sexual content or links other users may find inappropriate.
    • Do not post and death threats, suicidal thoughts or DDOS threats.
    • Do not threaten other members or staff.
    • Do not disrespect staff. They are here for a reason so listen to them.
    • Do not pretend to be a staff member.
    • Do not troll other players.
    • Do not ask for items, ranks, money, staff, or anything else that will give you an advantage.
    • Do not spam the chat.
    • Do not change your in game name or nickname to a staff members name.
    • Do not use hacked or modded clients (list is viewable here).
    • Do not lie about reports (Lost items from buycraft) we have the tools to check if you recieved the items and if you are not telling the truth you will be banned.
    • Do not abuse glitches (includes ender pearl and duping).
    • If you believe someone is breaking the rules report under player reports.
    The same rules applies to the forums.
    Please remember staff have the final decision.
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