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By Omar on Aug 20, 2017 at 3:17 AM
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    This upcoming season is going to be the best we've had so far. The management team has went through all the suggestions posted prior to the end of the last season, and we have created a document of all the updates our player base has requested to see for the new season.

    Some of the additions we couldn't have ready by the beginning of the upcoming season. So we have decided that we will be releasing an update every 1-2 weeks, including new kits, new enchants and even a brand new realm, the HCF realm.

    Now for the good part, and the question we have been getting for about a month now; what have we added to the server for this upcoming season.

    Everything will have a little box next to it, titled " Spoiler " if you would like to know more about the said update click on that box and a detailed explanation will appear.

    • New shop system
      We have decided to go back to the older days of factions, and change our old NPC shop with a sign shop. This helps us add, remove and change items much more easily. It might be a hassle in the beginning, but we trust you guys will be able to adapt to it [​IMG]
    • Added many commands
      Upon popular request we decided to add various new commands. 1- /tpahere for all ranks 2- /condense for mortal rank and above 3- /sell hand and /sell all for voyager rank and above
    • Grace period
      To give players a fair chance at building there bases, we will disable TNT and creeper eggs from exploding in all faction lands. This will only be for 1 week, from Sunday the 20th of August at 2pm EST to Sunday the 27th of August at 2pm EST
    • Faction shields
      This an item which is purchasable at our store for $10. This item will shield all your claimed territories for 1 hour, which would give you a chance to fix a breach in your base or protect a cannon
    • 2x MCMMO booster
      This booster is purchasable on our store for $10. This booster gives you double the MCMMO skills you would normally get, which helps increase your MCMMO levels significantly
    • 2x XP booster
      This booster is purchasable on our store for $10. This booster gives you double the XP you would normally get, which is very beneficial while grinding
    • Improved server machines
      I can't go into details about this, but I can assure you guys that we now have better hosting, and better anti-DDOS protection
    • Staff improvement plugins
      Again this information is mainly for staff so I can't go into much detail about this, but I can tell you that we now have some plugins which will make being a staff member on the server much easier
    • Buycraft Layout
    • Forums Layout
    • Famous rank
      This rank will no longer be given out to known people on the server. It's now a YouTuber or Streamer rank only. To achieve it please DM a Head Staff or above via discord or forums
    • Iron Golems
      Iron Golems will no longer be dropping poppies, and will only drop Iron ingots
    We have also fixed the majority of known bugs, and are expecting the release to be very good.

    Here's a birds-eye view of the spawn and warzone:

    We will be doing a " New Season " giveaway on our twitter @rebirth_support to insure a position in this giveaway you must be followed, and re-tweet the tweet we will post at 2-3pm EST.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Omar, Aug 20, 2017.

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