Important Beginning of September Staff Revamp, Events, and More!

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By Swaggy on Sep 11, 2017 at 3:46 AM
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    Staff Revamp

    Hello, all. If you weren't aware, I am SlipperyWATR, head of the staff team at RebirthPvP. Recently, a large demotion wave has taken place; not to discredit the staff we parted ways with, but for the overall good of the server. Nonetheless, I'd like to thank the following staff members to contributing their time to keep Rebirth's community the way it is:


    warning2000 --> Admin
    MagzYT --> Helper

    I'd like to reiterate that your time as staff has not been disregarded. I owe my respect to you, and wish you the best of luck in the future. These recent changes leave some large holes to fill in - if you meet the stipulations for becoming a staff member, now is an excellent opportunity to create your application.


    There are going to be lots of updates added soon, please leave some suggestions on the forums about what we should add or fix, and if you already added one, we will be looking through those.


    Events will be hosted on an inconsistent basis - we hope to host them once or twice a month, but there's no guarantee there. We are only human. The best way to be notified of when an event is and how it will work is with our server discord: This weekend on Saturday at 2:00PM EST / 19:00 GMT / 11:00AM PST, if all goes to plan, we will be hosting a maze event.

    That concludes today's update, thanks for giving it a read.

    -SlipperyWATR (Rebirth HeadStaff)
    -Omar192 (Rebirth Co-Owner)


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Swaggy, Sep 11, 2017.

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