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First off I would like to start this announcement by saying; we know our players have been wanting a server restart for a while now, and it has finally arrived. We had no choice but to delay the restart for reasons which I may not discuss, thank you for your patience.

Now for the good part. On Saturday the 22nd of July at 12pm EST all faction land will be unclaimed for 1 hour. During this 1 hour you will be able to break and place blocks anywhere but spawn. End and nether will be closed starting 1pm EST, if you get killed during this one hour you will be " death-banned " and won't be able to join factions until next seasons SOTW. At 2pm EST all players will be teleported in to an arena for an free for all fight where all factions will be disbanded and everyone will aim to be the last survivor, the winner of this FFA will receive 5 iron golem spawners and 500k to get a little head start at the beginning of next season.

Some juicy information about what's to come after this season ends:

A few posts will be made with in the next week or two about 2 new additions to the server, one you guys partially know about, HCF, the HCF map 1 post will include all the details about what is included, which big youtubers will record on there and even a few pictures of the work in progress. The release date for HCF will also be in that post as we haven't reached an exact date yet, but it will be before next factions season's SOTW. The second post will be a detailed post about a new ranked we are planning to introduce to the network. And of course a post will be up shortly after the end of this season telling you guys about everything we are planning for next season including dates, giveaways, additions, fixes and more.

Hope you all enjoyed this season. See you all on the 22nd at 1pm EST.
To start off, thank you to everyone who took the time, to make an application, to become staff on Rebirth. It tells us how much interest you have in our server, and how you want to help our server become better. Congratulations to everyone that became staff in the month of June. Do not worry if you got denied, you still have your chance this month!


The best part of it all: PROMOTIONS :)

Omar192 ---> Co- Owner
SwagKillerUSA --> Head Staff
Krymson --> Elite Admin --> Head Admin
BmwPlays --> Admin
EnderbrineDC --> Mod --> Senior Mod
warning2000 --> Mod --> Senior Mod
Zinqano(Oonkudz) --> Mod
TasteMehBlade --> Helper --> Mod
Henrik030405 --> Helper --> Mod
3ri --> Helper
xTechnoPvP --> Helper
xGuccinq --> Helper


Dyedye --> Demoted
LiftedMarcos --> Demoted
1ch --> Demoted
_brooke12 --> Resigned

This month, we had a LOT of staff promotions. As I said, do not worry if you got denied last month, as you will still have the opportunity to re-apply this month! :)
Greetings Time Travellers,

Yes it's now Summer time and that means a sale to celebrate it! We are offering a 40% off sale throughout the whole of Summer.
As well as adding this sale we have decided to recreate and add the monthly "Admin Keys". If you are unsure how to use these read the following.
Once you purchase an Admin Key you'll be able to claim it via the command '/adminkeys'. Once you have claimed it you won't be able to use it again.
After you have the key in your inventory head to the chest at spawn with the clear hologram marked above it. When opening it you will have 9 total rewards including a special mystery one in the centre.

We are welcoming some new members to the staff team recently.
Welcome 1ch, _brooke12, TasteMehBlade and 3ri as new Helpers.
These people are here to help and make sure to ask them any questions and they'll do their best to help.
Just a note on staff, we recently added some better staff moderation plugins and patches.
Also we will be whitelisting the server on Saturday during sometime to introduce some new staff features and some brief training for certain people.

We have also added a few new patches and features to the server including Admin Keys, [Limited Edition] Wolverine Kit and some brand new custom enchants which are available for viewing on '/ce' command.

We are also working on the brand new Ice Age realm which I gather most have heard about, this realm is an Original Factions based realm.
An Hub will appear soon which will have a few features to play around with as well as server queues.
A lot of you have requested an HCF server so I've decided to start working on this also, it will be known as Stoneage realm. I'll release more information regarding the first map soon.

Lastly I'd like to thank you all for playing the server...
I would like to start off by saying, thank you to everyone who applied and was denied, and to everyone who was accepted, congrats.

Staff Applications:

We currently have a good amount of staff members so, we will be closing applications for the time being. All applications that are currently up will be left unanswered until further notice. Any new applications will also be left unanswered until further notice. Another post will be made once applications are back up.

Now for the good part PROMOTIONS:

Omar192 ---> Head Staff
DyeDye ---> Operator
Krymson ---> Admin
Bmwplays ---> Mod
EnderbrineDC ---> Helper
Warning2000 ---> Helper
Oonkudz ---> Helper

Demotions and Resignations:

Sinfulred ---> Resigned
Lbrande ---> Resigned
Kixgaming ---> Resigned


Just like Vinnie, the Ex-Head Staff said, we will be hosting monthly and maybe even weekly server events. June's event will be announced in an announcement following this one.
| May Staff Wave

With the many applicants out there, you won't always be accepted. If you weren't accepted this wave don't worry, there's always next wave! As for the staff members who have been promoted, congratulations and thank you for your hard work! For those who have been let go, thank you for your help, we greatly appreciate you, and will miss you.

KixGaming -->

lbandre --> Helper

Krymson --> Moderator

Omar192 --> Moderator

dyedye --> Administrator

lj19 --> Player

| Reviewer Team

Experience is key when it comes to screensharing, and screensharing is important here. To guarantee that we will not have issues with screensharing, members who'd like to help with hacks and such will be tested thoroughly. Currently, the reviewer team consists of administrators+, soon there will be more members as we move through the testing stage. This is a very big step for Rebirth!

| Server Events

Servers host events to help get the community involved, and that's what I plan on doing with introducing them to our server. It may be a building event, photography, cannoning, or maybe a PvP one. The details as of a date or what type have not been worked out fully yet, but plan on a monthly event, starting this June.