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  1. gg69
    motivation is dying reset b4 quit
  2. spakka
  3. SgtAxew
  4. gg69
    reset now or suicide
  5. Billy
    Billy Zach
    Zach, I know this was very long ago but I have been searching for this server for ages. I am posting this because I spent a lot of money when this server was timeless pvp. I was wondering if you could give me the equivalent of what I bought on timeless to what is on here. I had the elder rank and the batman gkit or whatever it was. Please pm me about further things.
  6. Rightz
    Who's ready for HCF? :)
  7. Cinemaston
    | Youtuber 34,00 |
  8. gg69
    gg69 Krymson
    please start looking at rank transfers before reset! <3
  9. SgtAxew
    SgtAxew Omar192
    May I get my elder rank back? I had paypal
  10. SgtAxew
    SgtAxew Swaggy
    swag, may i get my elder rank? I posted proof
  11. SgtAxew
    SgtAxew Krymson
    May I get my rank [Elder]?
  12. SgtAxew
    I need my rank back
  13. Vearow
    Moderator Since July 18, 2017
  14. Ovilia
    Gang Gang!
  15. I3lackI3lock
    I3lackI3lock Krymson
    could i get my rank back please i got the receipt using paypal to buy from timeless pvp u can find it in the forms (support)
  16. I3lackI3lock
    I3lackI3lock LiftedMarcos
    hi could i have my rank back my proof is in the support thread
    XXDESTROYER1998 EnderbrineDC
    hey i need help with my rank
    XXDESTROYER1998 Omar192
    hey Omar i use to play on timeless pvp i was wondering if i could get my old elder kit back i missed playing on yall server! thanks for comming back!
    1. Omar192
      Make a forums post about it and it will be looked at soon
      Jul 15, 2017
  19. Vearow
    Helper Since July 8, 2017
  20. OnlyUseBattleAxe