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Important Release


This upcoming season is going to be the best we've had so far. The management team has went through all the suggestions posted prior to the end of the last season, and we have created a document of all the updates our player base has requested to see for the new season.

Some of the additions we couldn't have ready by the beginning of the upcoming season. So we have decided that we will be releasing an update every 1-2 weeks, including new kits, new enchants and even a brand new realm, the HCF realm.

Now for the good part, and the question we have been getting for about a month now; what have we added to the server for this upcoming season.

Everything will have a little box next to it, titled " Spoiler " if you would like to know more about the said update click on that box and a detailed explanation will appear.

  • New shop system
    We have decided to go back to the older days of factions, and change our old NPC shop with a sign shop. This helps us add, remove and change items much more easily. It might be a hassle in the beginning, but we trust you guys will be able to adapt to it [​IMG]
  • Added many commands
    Upon popular request we decided to add various new commands. 1- /tpahere for all ranks 2- /condense for mortal rank and above 3- /sell hand and /sell all for voyager rank and above
  • Grace period
    To give players a fair chance at building there bases, we will disable TNT and creeper eggs from exploding in all faction lands. This will only be for 1 week, from Sunday the 20th of August at 2pm EST to Sunday the 27th of August at 2pm EST
  • Faction shields
    This an item which...
Important Important Links

Want to become a staff member ? Here use the link found HERE
Need help with a certain issue ? Here use the link found HERE
Would you like to report a player or staff member ? Here use the link found HERE
Were you falsely banned or muted and want to appeal ? Here use the link found HERE
Help us out by leaving a suggestion to improve the server ? Here use the link found HERE

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First off I would like to start this announcement by saying; we know our players have been wanting a server restart for a while now, and it has finally arrived. We had no choice but to delay the restart for reasons which I may not discuss, thank you for your patience.

Now for the good part. On Saturday the 22nd of July at 12pm EST all faction land will be unclaimed for 1 hour. During this 1 hour you will be able to break and place blocks anywhere but spawn. End and nether will be closed starting 1pm EST, if you get killed during this one hour you will be " death-banned " and won't be able to join factions until next seasons SOTW. At 2pm EST all players will be teleported in to an arena for an free for all fight where all factions will be disbanded and everyone will aim to be the last survivor, the winner of this FFA will receive 5 iron golem spawners and 500k to get a little head start at the beginning of next season.

Some juicy information about what's to come after this season ends:

A few posts will be made with in the next week or two about 2 new additions to the server, one you guys partially know about, HCF, the HCF map 1 post will include all the details about what is included, which big youtubers will record on there and even a few pictures of the work in progress. The release date for HCF will also be in that post as we haven't reached an exact date yet, but it will be before next factions season's SOTW. The second post will be a detailed post about a new ranked we are planning to introduce to the network. And of course a post will be up shortly after the end of this season telling you guys about everything we are planning for next season including dates, giveaways, additions, fixes and more.

Hope you all enjoyed this season. See you all on the 22nd at 1pm EST.
To start off, thank you to everyone who took the time, to make an application, to become staff on Rebirth. It tells us how much interest you have in our server, and how you want to help our server become better. Congratulations to everyone that became staff in the month of June. Do not worry if you got denied, you still have your chance this month!


The best part of it all: PROMOTIONS :)

Omar192 ---> Co- Owner
SwagKillerUSA --> Head Staff
Krymson --> Elite Admin --> Head Admin
BmwPlays --> Admin
EnderbrineDC --> Mod --> Senior Mod
warning2000 --> Mod --> Senior Mod
Zinqano(Oonkudz) --> Mod
TasteMehBlade --> Helper --> Mod
Henrik030405 --> Helper --> Mod
3ri --> Helper
xTechnoPvP --> Helper
xGuccinq --> Helper


Dyedye --> Demoted
LiftedMarcos --> Demoted
1ch --> Demoted
_brooke12 --> Resigned

This month, we had a LOT of staff promotions. As I said, do not worry if you got denied last month, as you will still have the opportunity to re-apply this month! :)